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Science Club Education Programs

K-6 Assembly Programs

Air - What a Gas!
Our introduction to the joy of science and the first program in our series. With lots of student interaction, the hands-on demonstrations show the unique qualities of air. Create low air pressure, pump a vacuum, launch a rocket, Explore the amazing properties of air and gases - including flying a student (maybe even the principal) on a hovercraft.
Gas It Up - Air On The Move
Explore more about air and gases! Watch you students have a tug of war with air, launch a huge hot air balloon and watch the Bernoulli principle fly a beach ball. Learn to use things around the house to make and weigh carbon dioxide. All this - plus save, buildable rockets.
The Felicity of Electricity
Take some of the mystery out of electricity. Understand how it travels, why it blows fuses and how a nine-volt battery can make an electromagnet strong enough to lift the biggest kid in the school! Student-assisted demonstrations using familiar electrical devices explore the basic concepts of electricity - and safety! Find out about conductors and how electrical energy becomes light, heat, and motion.
Zounds! What Sounds!
Investigate the science of sound and find out what simple vibrations can really do. See how sound travels in waves, bounces back to create echoes and even moves underwater. With just the right touch of humor, the interactive demonstrations help students and teachers realize the extraordinary nature of ordinary sound. The twang of a string or the bang of a drum will never be the same.
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The Science Club is a non-profit organization that uses humor and science to get children and adults to learn and play together. All our activities, which use common household materials, promote curiousity and the excitement of experimentation.